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我快對英文歌曲失去信心了 唯一能聽的就是burning 快救救我 推薦超級超級好聽的英文歌。。

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1 楼: 寧馨兒亞紅

迪克蘭 加爾佈雷斯 - sailing、tell me why、an angle、you and me、love of my live、for a better tomorrow。amazing grace
艾薇兒 - i will be、I never had a dream
小紅莓 - dreams
tonight i feel close to you
Alison krauss--when you say nothing at all
are you the one
Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me
Blackmoresnight - Under A Violet Moon
Brothers Four - The Green Leaves Of Summer
c21 - you are the one這首和前面那首are you the one不是同一首歌哦
Cara Dillon - Lark In The Clear Air
celine dio - my heart will go on
could this be love
donna lewis - i could be the one
Enya - May It Be
gabriella - when there was me and you
gareth gates - any one of us
guns n' roses - don't cry
heartbeats - amy diamond
i cant stop thinkin of you
Jo De La Rosa - A little inspiration
kate & ben - schlaflied
John Lennon - Oh My Love
keith urban - tonight i wanna cry
lenka - trouble is a friend
Leonard Cohen - Boogie Street
Owl City - Hello Seattle
lindsey ray - better off
m2m - our song
marc terenci - love to be loved by you
moonlight shadow
oh susanna - forever at your feet
Sirsa Shekim - Ido
tamas well - valder fields - single
tata young - i think of you
Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
Sofia Jannok - Liekkas
taylor swift - love story
the carpenters - yesterday once more

2 楼: 蘿蔔賽我

阿黛爾的someone like you是慢歌 很好聽的
她的rolling in the deep又是另外一種風格,,很有味道
還有blue的u make me wanna也好聽,蕭亞軒還翻唱過,不過個人認爲原唱更好聽
還有lenka的the show和trouble is a friend
如果你喜歡勁爆一點的,你還可以聽party rock anthem.這首歌很有名的,就是那個鬼步舞的曲子,,,很帶感
還有好多好聽的歌的,不如usher的歌也很好聽,像Love in this club 還有yeah還有,,,,很多的


3 楼: 百度網友d3dc674

beauty of the dark
california girls
could this be love
crazy in love
bad day
fuckin' perfect
vestida de azucar"是一首法語歌,很好聽"
i could be the one
i kissed a girl
if i die young
stay here forever
just dance
love the way you lie
one step at a time
the one that got away
S and M
希望你能喜歡(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

4 楼: 藕花菱角

馬修連恩的《佈列瑟農》《trouble is a friend》《snow》《dying in zhe sun》

5 楼: 飛翔的Donald

《wonderful tonight》eric clapton
《price tag》 jessie j&B.o.B
《I‘m yours》jason mraz
《smooth criminal》 邁克
《hero of war》rise against
《almost lover》
《nothing's gonna change my love》
《today was a fariytale》

6 楼: BearCatbaby

lafee--tell me why
kelly sweet--we are one
lexington bridge--you are my everything
shayne ward--breathless
cry on my shoulder(比較老 但是我覺得比較好聽 不知道是誰唱的)
the band perry --if i die young
maria arredondo--cross every river
d.h.t--listen to your heart
eric benet--my prayer
blue--she told me
lawson--standing in the dark
babyface--the loneliness
britney spears--girl in the mirror
maroon 5&wiz khalifa--payphone
rihanna--love is the way you lie
廊橋遺夢裏的 nothing"s gonna change my love for you
lady antebellum--just a kiss
green day--21 guns
jonas brothers--sorry
tamas wells--valder fields
katy perry--part of me
kelly clarkson--because of you
carly rae jepsen--call me maybe
carly rae jepsen--good time
because you live 、my love、as long as you love me、you raise me up。

7 楼: 用心yh英語

a place nearby
you belong with me
moonlight shadow
valder fields

8 楼: 吉爾小可愛

Take You - Justin Bieber 、 Hold On Til’ The Night - Greyson Chance 我是正太組=v=

9 楼: sys2012song


10 楼: hujing5186

呵呵 沒有特別的喜好,不過我覺得都已經失去信心了 何不多多試試國語歌呢?

11 楼: 柳絮紛飛66


12 楼: 霧靄溟濛茶

you raise me up
the day you went away
imagine me without you

13 楼: 百度網友73777a6

what are words

14 楼: 111萱111

不知你喜歡那種類型的。Because of you,Hush Hush,Gimme More,Sow MeThe Money,Bieeding Love,Someone Like You,Mercy,I Stay In Love等等,怎麼會失去希望呢?確定自己的喜歡的歌的類型會比較容易找到自己喜歡的歌的。那樣就有希望啦~

15 楼: liguocheng6616

celine dion的魔獸世界主題曲。

16 楼: vansyun

Just one last dance, Trouble is a friend, Rolling in the deep, Someone like you.....好多好多喔~!^^

17 楼: 桑梓下的忘川

the saltwater room
wonderful tonight
game for two
why not me

18 楼: 隨風飛舞Summy

英文歌曲;groove cover的on the radio,sibel的walking away,ke$ha的tik tok,groove coverage的上帝是女孩,lady gaga的poker face,groove coverage的she,lenka的trouble is a friend,kelly clarkson的because of you,because of you的bubbly,sibel的sorry。

19 楼: 小谷蠧

x-japan的tears和crucify my love、挺不錯的、英文老歌

20 楼: 愛裏飛旋


21 楼: ellann

imagine me without you--jaci velasquez

22 楼: Really扯談

《I‘m yours》《Geek in the pink》《Rolling in the deep》《Criminal》《Lucky》《I kissed a girl》《Peacock》《Juste une photo de toi》《You and I》《One more night》

23 楼: 百度網友90ac581

我比較喜歡的英文歌全來自於港劇,一首《vencint》來自溏心風暴一中,林峯對鍾嘉欣唱的,另一首是《天與地》第一集開頭的歌曲,叫《baby now》,嘿嘿。。。

24 楼: 林海緣中Boy

我心永恆,上帝是個女孩, 昨日重現 等等


25 楼: 熊貓0109lu

A little bit longer;better time;enchanted;hello seatle;just you know;mine;one less lonely gril

26 楼: 不滅的海王星

可以聽傑西J和katy perry 的,他們的歌都很好聽的

27 楼: wd星

All I need

28 楼: 惲皎月R5

Yesterday Once More 昨日重現

29 楼: 童珍9鄒明慧

my love 我覺得westlife的歌曲都挺好聽的,不過可能我覺得好聽的你們不一定喜歡,我偏愛舒緩的歌曲

30 楼: hqt2000

big big world,跟你的心情很相似。

31 楼: 匿名用戶


32 楼: ccxy_527

Skipalong Lenka 試聽一下

33 楼: 狼圖騰064815

Down By The Sally Garden

34 楼: S菁蘋果

cry on my shoulder 這是我最喜歡的一首歌。還有一首,但是忘記歌名了,我也好久沒聽歌了。

35 楼: tingtingnjtu

my heart will go on,很抒情

36 楼: 卓越美泰3397


37 楼: 無淚的天使ren

just one last dance

38 楼: 心懷美好521

Price Tag The sound of silence As long as you love me

39 楼: 艾轟蟈蟈

some one like YOU

40 楼: zhuojianyuan00


41 楼: 黑白配糖糖

because of you

42 楼: 稀噓d雨

m2m - pretty boy

43 楼: 海霞931


44 楼: 韓柏晴

Proud of yuo Rolling in the deep God is a girl

45 楼: 寧化人劍橋


46 楼: enjoyJustinarc

Taylor Swift-we are never ever getting back together

47 楼: achain_cui

Linken Park 的my december, one republic 的apoligize

48 楼: cherry159000

That Day
Beautiful World

49 楼: 南鳳北雷


50 楼: 愛運鵬4D

Trouble is friend, Just the way you are ,

51 楼: gmb3080wm


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